Creeks, falls and Sunset

I'm a bit behind on my blogging. I am getting close to the end of my assignment in Juneau and my mind has not been on my writing. This being said, I hope I haven't lost some of the brighter points of my hiking adventures.

Fish Creek, Douglas Island

Fish creek is a trail that is on Douglas Island. The 4.3 mile out and back trail starts by the Gastineau channel and follows the creek up to Fish Creek Road.

The weather this first weekend in April is cloudy with the possibility of rain. But, as luck has it, we had no rain and good hiking weather. The trail was muddy and full of tree roots. My graceful side found out how slippery the tree roots can be and I took a nice spill in the mud. I'm sure it would have been you tube worthy if you saw it! Charlie just gave me this look, like...what?!

Hiking this trail made me feel like I was in the forbidden forest of Hogwarts, Lord of the Rings or in the Princess Bride. The trees and undergrowth are all moss covered. It has a serene feeling or if you let your mind wander to what it would be like after dark, an ominous feeling.

Again, no bears. Also, side note...I didn't complete the trail. I came close but it was so muddy and my destination was a road, no cool view, so we probably hiked about a little over 3 miles.

Sunset at Amalga Harbor

My hope is to see some of the sea life or wildlife before I leave. Amalga harbor is a great place to not only see an amazing sunset but also has some tide pools that may have sea stars. It also has a fresh water pond that comes from Peterson creek and could have great potential to view a bear or two. Out of the three, I at least got the great sunset pictures.

Sunday brings on new adventures.

Nugget Falls at Mendenhall Glacier

Good blessed Sunday morning! Charlie and I have hit the trails again. Today we headed out to the Mendenhall Glacier trail of time and Nugget Falls trail. Both of these trails were short and flat. Rain was due to come in and neither Charlie or I wanted to be soaked.

Charlie is becoming quite the model. He now knows that when I have camera in hand and tell him to stay, sit...he actually listens! He is standing on the what remains of the steel pipe once used to transfer water from the creek to the powerhouse. According to the placard, it was over a mile in length.

As you can see, there is still snow! Since I am close to the glacier, the temperature is still low and in the shady spots we have snow/ice.

Juneau's "friendly" wolf

Meet Romeo. Romeo is well known in Juneau and has a long history of befriending many family dogs.

Nugget Creek falls. You literally can walk within feet of the falls.

Just amazing!!

I truly wish that I could capture the true colors of the glacier. These do come close though.

Mount McGinnis

This picture ends our adventure of April 6 & 7, 2019. God has truly blessed me.

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