Hello Missouri!

What a month!!! I finished my assignment in Juneau, Alaska to skip home to Indiana and visit with my family. In this short week, I bought a travel trailer!! This is my new home for my mainland assignments!!

My new home. 2017 Wildwood by Forest River

I actually bought this off a friend and it is in excellent condition. I just needed to create my style for him. I chose to name him Sonny; this mainly to the fact that my Nissan Rogue's name is (of course) Cher!

No, Cher is not a towing vehicle. I know that is on your minds. I have chosen not to purchase a truck to tow Sonny yet. I really do not want the large expense of a truck until I am sure that I will enjoy the tiny home living. Plus, I would like to have Sonny paid off. I am very blessed that I have Son-in-laws with tow vehicles that were willing to assist. Thank you so much Luke and Brian!!

Off to Japan!!! Yes that is right, I took a 3 week vacation where 2 weeks were spent in Japan. I hope to do a whole blog to the exciting adventures I had there! On my third week, I left Japan to surprise Scott in Hawaii and I relaxed in the sun and got some Vitamin D.

Once back in Indiana, I had one week to finish making my new home and set off for the next adventure in Hannibal, Missouri where I will be working all summer.

This assignment seemed perfect for the summer. It is only 4 1/2 hours from home by car and I work 3 days in a row with 4 off every week. What a great maiden voyage for Sonny. Not too far from home if I have problems and a state that I can explore on my days off.

I had my RV park all pre arranged and was ready to roll out in a few days when I was informed that the Mississippi river was flooding and may break the 1993 record. My rv park was officially evacuated. Now what?! I have a home and no place to park it. lol. After some internet searching, e-mails, and phone calls I found a place within a day. Woodyz Acres, formerly Injun Joe Campground had 4 lots left for long-term reservations. Under new ownership, the park is getting a new fresh look. They are doing a nice job and everyone is super friendly. Thank you Kasi!

Started working at Hannibal Regional Hospital. What a beautiful campus and Midwest hospitality. I love my coworkers and I think this will be an awesome summer.

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