Lets Drive!! Haines to Skagway

Working in Juneau leaves small room for adventure. You drive 30 miles and road ends. You drive other direction out of Juneau 10 miles and guess what...road ends. Mountains on one side and Gastineau channel on the other. I love to explore, so ferry tickets purchased, car loaded, and we are on our way to doing the Golden circle.

Cloudy skies but check out Herbert Glacier!

Even with the weather being less than ideal (way less) we sat on the solarium deck and for the 4.5 hour ferry ride. We enjoyed the scenery of mountains, glacier and water. Being that it is March, we are between seasons and I didn't see any whales. I was also hoping for views of sea otters and sea lions, but, not today.

March is not tourist season for the coastal towns. Most of their tourism comes with the cruise ships. This being said, many of the shops were not open. On one hand, this was sad, but it was also nice not having to trip over tourists to see some of the main attractions.

We arrive in Haines and lunch was on our menu. We didn't spend any time sightseeing Haines, so I can't say good or bad about the little town. After eating expensive fish and chips, we hit the road to make our way to across the pass to Haines Junction and reach our airbnb in Whitehorse, Canada.

Warning...If the snow is falling and wind is blowing, this drive could be dangerous

The drive was incredible. We started with rain, met snow at the border and the sun peeked out as we got closer to Haines Junction.. The mountains on either side make you turn your head left to right more than tennis spectators.

We hit rush hour LOL

After a long day we arrived at our Airbnb. Naryssa was a wonderful host and interesting to chat with. She had a down to earth, matter of fact personality and made our stay great. We had dinner at G & P Steakhouse and Pizza downtown and Charlie enjoyed some leftover steak. :)

sunset over our airbnb.

In researching what to do in Whitehorse, the majority of attractions were not open. The weather was chilly and windy, so my hiking along Miles Canyon was scratched. We ate breakfast at the Baked Café a cute little local coffee shop. We browsed through the local shops and visited McBride Museum. We had decided that it would be great to visit the wildlife preserve. Being this was 30 minutes out of town, we had to speed view the museum. I wish we could of had more time to learn about the gold rush...maybe a reason to return. :)

The wildlife preserve was worth the visit. The enclosures were large which meant we got a nice 3 mile hike in. Just up the road was the Takhini Hot Springs. We thought we might adventure the springs, but then opted not to. We visited a cute little coffee shop called Bean North.

Charlie showing off his good side at Bean North

We visited the arts underground where we were able to see the many photographs displayed by Rolf Hougen. What an honor to have all your life's achievements exhibited. Paige and I spent a fair amount of time enjoying all the images. If you are photo history buff, this is a definite must see.

Dinner ended up at Whisky Jacks, after a huge letdown that Klondike Rib and Salmon was closed for the season. The atmosphere was fun but the riblet special was definitely nothing to brag about. Looking at a pizza at another patron's table told us we definitely made the wrong choice.

Great bar atmosphere with a fun vibe. Margaritas were delicious!

Unfortunately, the skies were overcast so both nights were poor to see Northern Lights

Bove Island

Sunday morning was breakfast and time crunch to get to ferry in Skagway. We loved the little café we had breakfast in, Burnt Toast. The menu was limited but the food was delicious.

The drive from Whitehorse to Skagway was beautiful Take your time, stop and take pictures or just enjoy the view.

Shortly after crossing the border, we entered Skagway. what a super cute little town. It is like stepping back in time. We got to explore the storefronts for about an hour before boarding the ferry back to Juneau. I would love to go back when all the shops are open.

What a great weekend!!! Thanks Paige for adventuring with me. :)

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