Missouri Adventures begin

Finished my first week at work and now it's time to explore. Where do you begin? I figure that I live in Hannibal, and I can adventure there quite easily so lets explore some hiking where the terrain is more interesting.

My first day (June 7, 2019) off I drove to Cuivre River State park. It is a little over an hour drive from Hannibal and a good place to start.

Alltrails recommended hiking the Big Sugar Creek trail but it was farther out and more miles. The mosquitos were unbearable! I think I slathered on more repellent every 30 minutes. Takes the enjoyment out of hiking. Charlie and I did hike about 3 miles on the Frenchman's bluff and Hamilton Hollow trail.

Once back in the car free from heat and mosquitos, I thought maybe I would try and hike another trail. So, after dowsing myself with yet more mosquito spray, I took this picture.

Big intentions to hike this trail

Charlie and I hiked about 100 feet and the swarms of mosquitos were more than I could handle. They won, we quit and left. Maybe another day.

After hiking in Hawaii and Alaska, these trails seem very easy even though alltrails designate them as moderate. If you do any walking, these trails are definitely doable.

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