Up up up...Mount Roberts Trail

Weather in Juneau was Sunny and 55 degrees. Time to do the hike I couldn't do before due to ice and snow. Mount Roberts Trail is a beautiful trail that rises up 1700 feet. At this elevation there is a restaurant and tramway that functions during the summer months for tourists.

It was a beautiful hike that had switchbacks and several benches along the way. It is rated on all trails as hard, but the trail from Basin road to the tramway was, in my opinion, moderate. I try to do hikes once or twice a week and maybe some easy walks with Charlie. So, what may take others a shorter time, I do at more of a sloth pace; I'll get there when I get there! If you take your time, this trail is definitely doable. Maybe, depending on the season, you may see wildlife along the path.

NOTE: Bring water! I was a dummy and forgot water. I was lucky the temperature was mild. Also, if there is still snow on the summit, I suggest traction cleats for ice and snow. These are extremely helpful hiking in the winter months. You can pick them up either on line or sports store. Just like everything else, you can get them really cheap or more expensive. My first pair only made it halfway through my second hike before the cleat broke away from the rubber strap. My second pair I ensured they could handle the trails I planned on exploring.

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